Apr 04

Project Meeting 2: Bucharest!

The beginning of last week saw the ART project team come together again in Bucharest, Romania for the second project partner meeting since the projects launch in October 2012. The meeting was held at one of Bucharest’s top medical rehabilitation centres; University Hospital ELIAS. The main agenda was to focus on developing and finalising the Advanced Rehabilitation Technologies programme competences and the competences we might expect to see from graduates of the programme. A lot of progress was made, and the team worked extremely hard to put together some well thought through competences for the programme. The next step will be to disseminate the competences through to our stakeholder groups, and gather their opinions on what we have developed via a survey. Through our stakeholder guidance, we hope to develop a programme that is fit for purpose and produce graduates who are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to advance and innovate this growing field, including clinical, research, technical and commercial development.

Below is a picture of the team at the University Hospital ELIAS…


All in all, the team had a very productive meeting and were given the opportunity to visit a fantastic city in Europe. I am sure the team are eager to do more of the same at our next project meeting in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

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