University of Strathclyde, Scotland.

The vision of the University of Strathclyde is bold and transformational, placing it among the leading international technological universities. This promises an institution that is vibrant, dynamic and internationally focused, carrying out cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary research, education and knowledge exchange of global relevance. 

The Bioengineering Unit at Strathclyde is a postgraduate department with a 50 year history of excellence in research and postgraduate training. Medical Robotics is an evolving multidisciplinary branch of the University’s work that can impact on surgery, rehabilitation, assistive technologies and general automation in healthcare services. The University’s vision is to host a world leading research group where established expertise in rehabilitation engineering, orthopaedic robotic surgery and bio-mechanics is directed toward the creation of advanced forms of medical devices that can deliver better surgical outcomes for arthroplasty, facilitate recovery of movement following injury or disease (rehabilitation) and augment function (assistive technology).


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