University of Pierre & Marie Curie, France.

University Pierre & Marie Curie, France, stands for French excellence in science and medicine. The University has 7 teaching and research departments in Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics and Life sciences, Earth, Environmental and Biodiversity sciences.

The inter-disciplinary research groups from the university pursue the application of robotic and intelligent systems to biology, medicine and neuroscience through fundamental and applied Science. More specifically, the university focus on:

  • Surgical and Functional Rehabilitation.
  • Micro/ Nano-manipulation in Space and Characterisation Techniques of Objects (biology).
  • Haptic and Tactile Interfaces.
  • Multi-modal Interfaces for Personal Robotics and Disability.
  • Simulation and Synthesis of Motor Functions in Humanoid Robotics and Virtual Models.
  • Grasping and Manipulation in Constrained Environments.
  • Active Visual and Acoustic Perception.
  • Locomotion with High Mobility for Autonomy in Open Environments.
  •  Evolutionary Robotics.

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