Maastricht University, The Netherlands.

Maastricht University is one of the leading international universities in The Netherlands. Three research schools from the University of Maastricht will be contributing to the A.R.T. MSc project.

The School for Public Health and Primary Care (CAPHRI).

CAPHRI is the largest of the five research schools in the Faculty of Health, Medicine & Life Sciences. It aims to offer high-quality research and teaching focused on health care innovation, ranging from prevention to rehabilitation, from a patient, professional and societal perspective, leading to improvement of health. The research aim is to gain insight into the (cost-) effectiveness of innovative interventions, and their adequacy in meeting prospective patients’ needs. The School focuses on chronic diseases such as lung diseases (COPD), cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes, and common mental diseases (such as depression).
The School for Nutrition, Toxicology, and Metabolism (NUTRIM).
NUTRIM initiates and catalyses translational research into nutritional health benefits and risks focussing on metabolic and chronic inflammatory diseases. Through its research MSc and PhD programmes NUTRIM aims to produce scientists to develop the fields of nutrition, metabolism and toxicology. 17 Biomedical, clinical, and behavioural-science departments are incorporated within NUTRIM. The school participates in the Graduate School VLAG (Food Technology, Agrobiotechnology, Nutrition and Health Sciences), accredited by the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) is a partner in TI Food and Nutrition and participates in TI-Pharma and the Centre for Translational Molecular Medicine. These consortia aim to stimulate knowledge transfer from research to industry, to strengthen its innovative power and competitive strength.
The School of Cognitive Neuroscience (CN).
CN combines research in human perception and cognition with the development of advanced methods in neuroscience. This unique combination produces international, and inter-disciplinary research involving psychologists, bio-engineers, IT experts, radiologists and neurologists.