Project Meeting 3 – Maastricht.

During May of this year, the project team visited Maastricht University for the third project meeting. The meeting was held in the University’s faculty of Health, Medicine and Life sciences based on the large Randwyck Campus, south-east of Maastricht town centre.

With the approaching launch of the projects online questionnaire, the key agenda of the meeting was to adapt the previously developed programme competences into a format that was appropriate for the questionnaire. Throughout the two day meeting, the project partners worked through each of the 32 programme competences ensuring that all competences had been covered and were applicable to both the engineering and healthcare pathways of the programme. Further progress was also made on a model for the curriculum, the modules that the programme was likely to include, as well as a list of all the available modules the project team had available to them. The team also had time for a discussion on the Didactical principle of the programme led by the meetings host, Associate Professor Hans Savelberg. Below is a picture taken during the meeting in Maastricht.

Maastricht Team meeting

Next stop, Jyvaskyla, Finland!


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