Dec 10

Introducing Professor Philip Rowe!

Prof Philip Rowe 

BSc Hons Mechanical Engineering (Birmingham), PhD Bioengineering (Strathclyde).

Professor Rowe obtained a BSc Hons in mechanical engineering from the University of Birmingham (1982) followed by a PhD in Bioengineering from the University of Strathclyde (1990). For his PhD work he was awarded the European Society of Biomechanics, Clinical Biomechanics award in 1987. Following his PhD in he held various academic appointments at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, UK. where he pursued his own research and was also responsible for research development within the School of Health Sciences. He re-joined the Bioengineering Unit , Part of the Biomedical Engineering Department at Strathclyde in September 2005 and as part of the HealthQWest research consortium for which he was Head of the Function for Living research programme.

Professor Philip Rowe’s main research areas lie in movement analysis,functional analysis and biomechanics of the human body in motion and the development of technology to support rehabilitation. His research has helped elucidate the clinical outcomes of various musculoskeletal and neurological disorders such as Knee replacement surgery, Hip replacement surgery, Hip fractures, back pain, Hyper-mobility syndrome, Patello-femoral pain syndrome, stroke and aging. He is especially interested in the application of science and engineering methods in patient treatment and also their use to quantify and analyse the clinical effects of rehabilitation services. He is Professor of Rehabilitation Science and is the Inaugural Director of the Scottish Government Health Department funded “Scottish Centre of Excellence in Rehabilitation Research” at Strathclyde.

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