Dec 08

Introducing Dr Hans Savelberg!

Dr Hans Savelberg

BSc Human Movement Science, PhD in the kinematics of carpal bones and the role ligaments play in controlling the movements in this complex joint.


Dr Hans Savelberg is associate professor at the department of Human Movement Science at Maastricht University Medical Centre (NUTRIM). His research has been focussed around three topics:

1) Structural, neuromuscular and functional adaptation of muscle to conditioning programs and the effects of manipulated muscle function on human motor performance in activities of daily living.

2) Ambulant analysis of human performance with a focus on upper limb functionality

3) The effect of too much sitting on health.

Dr Savelberg’s research has been supported by grants from ZonMw, the Dutch Diabetes Association (DFN) and Interreg. He is as supervisor involved in six Ph.D.-projects and is the director of studies for bachelor programme Human Movement Science and coordinated the master programme Biology of Human Performance and Health between 2001 and 2011.





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