Additional Partners

The ART project has many industrial ties within the healthcare industry. Below are some of the additional partners involved in the project.


PAL Technologies Ltd


PAL Technologies’ award winning activPAL™ is the researcher’s preferred choice for quantifying free-living sedentary, upright and ambulatory activities, providing the evidence to link sedentary behaviours to chronic disease risk.  Working in partnership with its worldwide customer base, PAL delivers clinically relevant measures to support and inform patient-centred treatment approaches.  

Tomorrow Options

Tomorrow Options designs and markets electronic portable devices that quantify movements from people and from their body parts during every-day activities. This is an important yet still largely unused source of information. Our vision is to Make Sense of Body Dynamics, to cater to emerging needs in Healthcare, Sports Medicine and Connected Health. Our devices bring an easy-to-use yet massive innovation to the care management of disorders such as diabetic foot, pressure ulcers, bed falls, as well as to the process improvement of nursing activities and therapeutic footwear development, taking advantage of movement as source of information, to be shared wirelessly in Electronic Records platforms.

Motek Medical


Motek Medical provides innovative products for rehabilitation, orthopaedics, neurology, performance enhancements and research. Integrated virtual reality environments that combine motion platforms, dual-belt instrumented treadmills, motion-capture systems and surround sound enable movement function evaluation and stability enhancement. Game elements and rich immersive interactions ensure an optimal user presence for patients. The technology uses multi-sensory real-time feedback and offline analysis tools.

Motek developed and continually improves a software platform called D-Flow (Geijtenbeek et al., 2011). Key concept of the D-Flow software system is that the subject is regarded as an integral part of a real-time feedback loop, in which multi-sensory input devices measure the behaviour of the subject, while output devices return motor-sensory, visual and auditory feedback to the subject. The D-Flow software system allows users to define feedback strategies through a flexible and extensible virtual reality application development framework, based on visual programming.

Within the D-Flow software the bio-mechanical Human Body Model (HBM) is implemented for the analyses of human gait combined with a real-time visualization on muscular activity.




Ab.Acus is an engineering SME mainly active in the field of long term monitoring and technology assisted rehabilitation. It is involved in basic research on movement in ecological conditions ranging from animals to humans by means of video analysis, wearable MEMS and arousal monitoring devices. Same ideas are translated to rehabilitation and telemedicine for outcome measurement and tailoring of exercises by smart interactive objects and WISP platforms.



Vicon delivers highly accurate 3D motion capture systems for the life science, engineering and entertainment industries. Its flagship camera line, the Vicon T-Series, offers the highest resolution, frame rates and accuracy available, allowing detailed motion capture in almost any environment. Bonita is Vicon’s next generation camera, combining size, power, and price performance into one amazing solution.

Vicon was established in Oxford, UK, in 1984 and is now a subsidiary of the Oxford Metrics Group Plc. Some of Vicon’s global clients include: University of Vienna; Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre; University of Brussels; University of Strathclyde; Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital; Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Amsterdam Medical Centre; and Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin. For more information please visit


SXT S.r.l


Born in 2006 as a Politecnico di Milano University Spin-Off, SXT S.r.l. develops advanced technologies and solutions mainly focused on HealthCare, Telemedicine, sport&fitness and tele-rehabilitation.
By combining high-level R&D professionals and widespread competencies in the complete manufacturing process, SXT s.r.l. is able to turn research discovery into successful new business thus providing state of the art hardware and software solutions for medicine and healthcare.

In recent years SXT has developed and produced products and prototypes targeted at different applications with particular attention to quality, customer satisfaction, safety and continual improvement. In 2011 SXT obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification thus demonstrating to meet all the requirements for a comprehensive management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices including the production line of a patented cardiac home monitoring device. Our know-how covers different levels of hardware and software development, starting from web application and database technologies reaching wireless communication system-design, through signal-processing and advanced algorithm development. By always keeping an eye on design, usability and ergonomics we provides a synergy of competencies and know-how which guarantees unmatched solutions from the most common to the most challenging problems.

Biometrics Ltd


Biometrics Ltd is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of technologically advanced sensors, instruments and software for the demanding needs in biomedical and engineering research, clinical rehabilitation and educational settings.

Research markets include medical, ergonomic, pharmaceutical and sport science.  Clinical markets include physical therapy, occupational therapy, orthopaedics, hand therapy, neuro-rehab, sports medicine and medical evaluations.


Pompey Strokes

Pompey strokes is a standalone website for stroke survivors, their families and friends with the purpose of signposting people to more local information that might be helpful. The website has been developed by clinical staff from within the Portsmouth Hospitals stroke service who continue to maintain and update the information as far as possible.


Summit Medical and Scientific

Summit Medical and Scientific have been working in the biomechanics/biomedical market since 1995.  Summit represents AMTI and Myon-Prophysics in the UK and Ireland.

AMTI is the world leading manufacturer of biomechanics force platforms, force/torque sensors, instrumented treadmills and biomedical simulator/wear testing machines.  AMTI’s new OPTIMA Human Performance System provides a 10 fold increase in accuracy over any force plate system on the market.  The new VIVO six D.O.F. joint simulator enables the most realistic biomechanics research and implant testing.

The Myon-Prophysics wireless EMG system provides state of the art, plug-and-play, real-time EMG with market-leading constant ultra low latency of just 16ms. ProEMG software is the only solution on the market where advanced EMG processing is fully integrated with 3D motion capture.



FRAGILE Suisse is a Swiss association for people suffering from brain lesions and their relatives. The range of services includes consulting,assisted living, courses, meetings, self-help, public relations and representation of interests. FRAGILE Suisse is a non-profit-organization and its services are largely founded by donations.

More information about FRAGILE Suisse is available at their website: